On Kindness

Kindness comes down to one thing: give people a fucking break. Smile to the waiter even if he got your order wrong; he’s stuck doing a job he hates in order to finish a degree that will get him another job he hates anyway. Wait for the delivery guy to leave your doorstep before you close the door; he’s your father’s age, for fuck’s sake, and I’m sure he didn’t grow up dreaming to deliver pizzas for a living. And that cashier at Spinney’s didn’t grow up wanting to be a cashier¬†either. Smile at them. Look them in the eye and be patient if the card machine stops working. The universe isn’t conspiring against you. Call them by their name – it’s written on their uniforms. Acknowledge them as people. Acknowledge the fuck out of them. Don’t huff and puff at the parking lot man because he asked you to change spots and you’re late for a i-don’t-give-a-shit-what. He could be your grandfather, and standing for 10 hours in the sun breathing in pollution spurted out by assholes like you certainly isn’t how he’d imagined his last days to be. Shake his hand even if it’s dirty. Wish him a good day and mean it. Remember that people aren’t mere functions designed to help you fulfil your own egocentric needs . Remember that they too are people. With tragedies and deaths and bills and diseases and anxiety about the future. Always remember that. And give them a fucking break.
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