Mourn the Living

Short piece written following the bomb and gun attacks in Beirut and Paris on the 12th and 13th of November 2015

If a minute or a day of silence feels enough to mourn the dead, we need at least a lifetime of silence to mourn the living. The calamity of the living. The tragedy of knowing that these past 48 hours can and will happen again sometime somewhere very soon and that there is absolutely no way to prevent it. The knowledge that more innocents are going to die from acts of terror (whatever that means) and that even more civilians are going to die from retaliation against terror (whatever that means.) The certainty that we are losing ourselves into darker and darker ages. The acceptance of the fact that fear has won.

So, beyond any political analysis, beyond any criticism of international media partisanship, beyond any competition of numbers, beyond any historical and geopolitical contexts, beyond any blame of western politics, religious models, economic greed, political hypocrisy. Beyond any shitty little thing anyone can say or write including what I’m writing here, we need to remember that it doesn’t matter that there’s water on Mars and Pluto. It doesn’t matter that there’s wifi on the Beirut-Kuala Lumpur flight. It doesn’t matter that there’s Force Touch on the new iPhone 6S. It doesn’t matter that we can cure Aids. It doesn’t matter that space trips are about to become a thing. It doesn’t matter that all your book collection can hold in a single tablet. It doesn’t matter that Apple Music gives you access to all the music in the world. It doesn’t matter that there are public iMacs all around the Doha airport. It doesnt matter that hover boards don’t actually hover because real hover boards are about to become available. It doesn’t matter that Google Maps can help you retrieve a long lost childhood friend in Chinese Taipei. It doesn’t matter that we’ll soon be able to 3D print every imaginable thing in a matter of minutes including full houses and cities. It doesn’t matter that we are all connected via a single mouse click. It doesn’t matter that stem cell research is slowly making us immortal. Really, none of this shit really matters until we realize that the obsolete 19th century idea of Progress is a myth. That despite all our technological and medical development, we as a species are, if anything, regressing. That philosophers throughout the centuries have warned us about the dangers of technology when it’s deprived of morality. And that we never listened.

Because in the end, the only thing that matters today is the dark realization that we humans are responsible for the highest number of human deaths in history. That we humans are responsible for the extinction of more and more animal and vegetal species everyday. That we humans are responsible for the irreversible destruction of our planet – the very body we live on – everyday. That we are literally killing ourselves and everything and everyone around us. That if we are to take a little step back into space and take a look at planet Earth, a sad reality gives itself to us. A mirror of what we really are.

The cancer of the planet.

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