A Toast

A toast to my friends who said no. No to being the tourists of their own lives. No to serving a mind numbing corporate world. No to passiveness. No to the herd. No to fear. No to comfort and security. No to living like a zombie. A toast to my friends who did not compromise. My friends who create. My friends who design. My friends who write stories that make common people feel things. My friends who sing melodies that common people fall in love to. My friends who design clothes that common people show off. My brother who’s an athlete, shaping his body and his mind and refusing to settle for what his environment wants him to settle for. My friends who are changing our cities and the way we live in our cities. Here’s a toast to waking up and feeling that we matter. That we are not disposable. That we are not exchangeable. That we are not replaceable by a fresh graduate willing to work for less. That we are not forgettable. That we are not insignificant. A toast to leaving a mark on the world and in history. A toast to choosing to drive a dangerously fast car knowing it could get us killed, because we refuse to sit mindlessly in the back of a bus driven by another asshole. A toast to remembering that death doesn’t only happen to others, that death is a palpable possibility with every choice we make and every action we take. And because most people live as nobodies and die as nobodies, here’s a toast to my friends who spat in the face of death, who will be alive forever, in the memories of generations to come.
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